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  • What does CIFE stand for?
The Jean Monnet Action supports six institutions that each contribute in a specific way to the European Integration process through their activities in the field of education and training. One of these institutions is CIFE, the Centre international de formation européenne. It was founded in 1954 and has its headquarter in Nice (France).
CIFE’s objective is to conduct education and training activities, studies and research concerning European unification, world unification, federalism, regionalism and changes within the structures of contemporary society.
The activities carried out by CIFE in the framework of its objectives include long-term programmes (Executive Master in EU Studies, Master in European and International Studies, EU evening courses), summer universities, conferences and publications.
Centre international de formation européenne
81, rue de France
F-06000 Nice, France 
  • When is the next deadline for applications?
The application deadline for the academic year 2022 - 2024 is 5 September 2022. 
The Selection committee meets regularly in order to examine incoming applications.
Applications which arrive after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list and will be considered if and when participants who have already been selected cancel their participation.
In any case, applications and requests for financial aid should reach the CIFE Berlin office as early as possible in order to have the best chances of success.
  • Where and how can I apply?
The academic year 2022 - 2024 will start on 15 October 2022. If you are interested in taking part in the Executive Master in EU Studies 2022 - 2024, please apply via our online application form and keep in mind the application deadline (see above).
Please remember the password and be aware that your email address is your login.
To finalise your application please send us an email with the following documents after you finished the online application:
  • your Curriculum Vitae (for instance in form of europass)
  • a copy of your diplomas (original and translation)
  • your transcript of records/results
  • 2 letters of reference of university professors of employers). Alternatively, you can provide us with their contact details (postal and email) and we will contact them directly.


  • How much does it cost?
The tuition fee for the Executive Master in EU Studies is 4900 euro per study year, 9800 euro for the two study years. It covers academic guidance, a virtual campus, technical support as well as board and lodging during the weekend workshops. Travel costs are to be paid by participants.
Early bird discount: CIFE offers a reduction of 10 % for applicants who register before 30 June 2022. This discount is only applicable on the entire fee of 4900 € p.a. Applicants who would like to have the advantage of the early bird reduction must transfer the fee (4410 €) by 30 July 2022.
  • Are there any preconditions for admission? What is the selection procedure?
You have to have a general background in EU affairs and a university degree (B.A. level). 
In order to participate in the second year of the Master programme you must have been awarded 30 ECTS. The ECTS must have been awarded through the study of contents and goals relevant to the programme. 
You have to pay the tuition fee.
  • What are the conditions and requirements for obtaining the Certificate and the Master programme?
Please read the requirements for obtaining the certificate. 
For information about the requirements for obtaining the Master's degree, please consult the Study regulation and Examination rules for the Executive Master in EU Studies.
For the Master programme: 
For information on the courses you have to take to be eglible for the Master's degree, please go to Online Courses and consult the Study Regulation and Examination Rules for the Programme (Executive Master in EU Studies).
A limited number of partial scholarships is available to reduce the financial burden of the course fees:
• 2400 euro, 3600 euro, 4400 euro and 5200 euro euro for the Executive Master in EU Studies (two-year programme)
The amount granted depends on the individual candidate's financial situation. 
Scholarships are awarded on the basis of financial need. 
Applicants shall demonstrate that they have the potential to achieve and to benefit from studying for the Executive Master in EU Studies. 
Applicants who gain the required standard of academic qualifications will be asked to complete and sign an electronic form, declaring their eligibility for a scholarship. Evidence of eligibility will be required at registration.
The academic year starts on the 15th of October of each year and ends at the beginning of July of the following one.
The Executive Master in EU Studies is issued by CIFE and signed by the three professors of the three specialisations Prof. Ingolf Pernice, Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) Berlin, Prof. András Inotai, Insitute of World Economics, Budapest and Prof Wolfgang Wessels, Jean-Monnet Chair ad personam, Centre for European and Turkey Studies of the University of Cologne as well as CIFE's president Herman Van Rompuy and CIFE's Director General, Matthias Waechter. The master programme is organised with the financial support of the European Commission. 
After completion of the Executive Master in EU Studies, the diploma will award 60 ECTS. From the different optional courses only your best ones will be taken into account for your overall grade. Your transcript of records mentions the exact amount of ECTS.
Please do also consult the ECTS information within the current Study regulation and Examination rules for the two-year Executive Master programme
Please note: In order to participate in the 2nd year of the programme Executive Master in EU Studies participants have to collect 30 ECTS during the first year.

* The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a student-centred system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a programme, objectives preferably specified in terms of the learning outcomes and competences to be acquired.
Is there a cancellation procedure? 
Yes, there is.
If the applicant communicates his/her decision to leave the study programme after October 10th, 50% of the participation fee will be paid back by CIFE. 
If the decision is taken after December 15th, no refund is foreseen by CIFE. 
In case the participant withdraws and/or does not participate in one of the programmes, an administrative fee of 200€ will be kept by CIFE in order to cover the administrative costs of the application procedure.