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Fender Frederic Executive Master CIFE ECB European Central Bank

Frederic Fender
Master 2017–2019
European Central Bank - Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I can only recommend the CIFE Executive Master in EU studies to everyone who is interested in a deeper understanding of how the EU works. The big strength of the programme is its interdisciplinary approach which reflects well the multiple dimensions of European integration. The curriculum enabled me to better understand how history and the theoretical debates about the EU as a unique form of political organisation shape the practical functioning of the EU institutions and their responses to the political challenges of the day. At the same time I also acquired valuable practical skills that are relevant for my day-to-day work.
I appreciated very much how the programme combined the flexibility offered by distance learning with weekend workshops in different European cities. Getting to know my fellow students as well as the professors and CIFE staff in these workshops was a very positive experience and I learned a lot from the encounters with experts from EU institutions, national governments and NGOs.

Migena “Megghi” Pengili
Master 2016–2018
Independent Researcher in Political & International Security Studies - Padova, Italy

No single academic discipline is able to provide knowledge, understanding and explanation of what is the European Union and how does it work in practice. Thus, the singularity and complexity of the subject requires a thorough and multidisciplinary platform comprising a rich plethora of fields as politics, economics, environment, civil society, law, foreign policy, international organisations etc. The Executive Master in EU Studies is not only this comprehensive platform, but it is also an experience by offering the unique and valuable possibility to network with professionals from various countries that no matter their differences they were able to think independently together.

Pengili CIFE Alumna Podova

CIFE Alumna Tzotzi

Armela Katerina Tzotzi
Master 2016–2018
Research Assistant, Université de Montréal, Canada

Being a CIFE alumna has been one of the most enriching experiences in my life, both on academic and on personal level. From the very beginning you are feeling most welcome and you always know that the CIFE team will do their best to support you. It is a multi-disciplinary program run by experts who are enthusiastic and ready to share with you the latest developments on EU and global affairs.

Discussions, simulations and debates throughout the program gave me an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge into practice. The highlight of the program was the redaction of my master thesis, which enabled me to approach my topic from the perspective of law, economics and politics under the constant supervision of my professors. It was a unique two-year experience that expanded my horizons and equipped me with valuable knowledge that I can apply in my domain.

Keep it up, CIFE!

Syuzan Marukhyan
Master 2016–2018
ARISC Armenia Branch Director (American Research Institute of the South Caucasus) & Communications and Social Marketing Expert for UFSD (Urban Foundation for Sustainable Development)

The Executive Masters with CIFE was an excellent opportunity for me to broaden my knowledge in European Studies, and particularly on the EU Law. It gave me a chance to research one of the topics of my interest deeply, simultaneously helping to see the European/International Affairs from different angles and different perspectives. It was not only a course about Europe; it was a course that let one feel Europe. I liked the programme flexibility, the course material, and particularly the outstanding professors – real European Knowledge Architects that were brilliant in their particular fields.  

In addition to theoretical knowledge, we had the opportunity for practicing and learning different modern skills. I also enjoyed a lot the discussions in our group that was comprised of people from different countries, with different interests and different educational backgrounds. My former work experience in the European Institutions was enhanced with more profound knowledge due to CIFE. I would particularly like to highlight the professionalism and outstanding attitude of the Programme Staff, which was extremely helpful for us, as we all were studying and working simultaneously. I plan to pursue my studies further, as CIFE was a new breath for me, and reminded me of the famous saying by Confucius, “Education breeds confidence, confidence breeds hope, and hope breeds peace.”

CIFE Alumna Armenia

Rovena Muzhaqi Alumna Executive Albania Paris Tirana

Rovena Muzhaqi
Master 2015–2017
Consultant for ORT Innovation, Paris, France

Pursuing the Master in EU studies was an exciting experience that tailored in a perfect blend the online and face to face learning. The large spectrum of topics covered in the master curricula furnishes you with knowledge on the legal dimension of the EU, its standing in the global arena as an economic and normative power as well as very up to date topics such as the sustainable development, BREXIT and recent migration flow. 

The team of professors assembles excellence, maturity and a positive energy to be always there for you through face to face, online and webinars. The diversity of the professional background and the variety of cultures within the group contributed to learning to a large extent by one another.

Sascha Oliver Schott
Master 2014–2016
Section Manager, Third Country Operators, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Germany

Working with an EU agency with an industry background, my primary objective was a better understanding of the functioning of the EU, including the competences, roles and interaction of its main actors. The second aspect was compatibility with my full-time work. The Master programme delivered on both! I found the curriculum ambitious, diverse and interesting. The knowledge I obtained is invaluable and highly relevant to my day-to-day work. What is more, the varying study locations catered for diversity and cultural insights. Finally, the exchanges amongst truly international participants from a range of both EU and non-EU states promoted the sharing and understanding of different perspectives. Well done, CIFE!

Sacha Oliver Schott CIFE Alumnus Cologne Bonn EASA

Cecilia Ingulstad
Master 2014–2016
Senior adviser, Attorney General's Office, Norway

I chose the CIFE Master because I wanted to broaden my knowledge on European law.
On finishing, I must say that this program has given me much more than a theoretical understanding

of institutional and material EU law. It has given me the possibility to debate legal questions with lawyers
from a variety of European countries and these discussions have given me valuable insights and much inspiration.
I particularly enjoyed the possibility to test my knowledge in a simulated court ruling (moot court) during our seminar in Berlin. Furthermore, I am very grateful for the liberty we enjoyed when choosing the subject for our Master thesis. For my part the thesis has allowed me to research issues that are of great value to my career. The high quality of the program and the interdisciplinary approach means that this program has much to offer anyone interested in European issues.
I therefore highly recommend this Master.

Cecilia Ingulstad CIFE Alumna Norway


Moisés Jomarrón de la Cerda
Master 2014–2016
Since 2017, Development Manager at the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR), before, Account Executive, LNE Group, Germany

CIFE Master programme in EU Studies represented a great opportunity to improve and enlarge my
knowledge and professional skills about the European Union. The interdisciplinary approach provides participants with a unique set of tools to tackle real-world challenges.
Moreover, it fosters the development of more holistic and efficient solutions for those dealing with the complexity of the EU institutions and policies. In my case, completing the programme opened the doors to new and attractive job opportunities and significantly improved my career perspectives. The quality of the curriculum is very well completed by the expertise and professionalism of the faculty and team.

Moises Jomarron de la CERDA CIFE Alumnus Berlin Europe


Carla Cairós Da Silva
Master 2014-2016
Strategy Consultant

The Master in EU studies offers a unique opportunity to full time professionals wishing to expand their knowledge without giving up their everyday jobs.

I was first interested on this Master due to its interdisciplinary approach towards the European Union, which upon complexion I can corroborate is a truly stimulating way of learning about a complex institution from three different angles and see how they, sometimes, overlap.

However after two years I believe the biggest asset of the master is its human component. To begin with, the quality of the teachers is splendid, renowned experts on their fields who not only taught us valuable lessons but also engaged us in insightful debates where we deepen our knowledge while expanding our ideas. Second, the rest of the students, professionals from different geographical and academic backgrounds that over the two years the programme lasted inspired and enlightened me with their views and thoughts.

Finally, the CIFE team is simply exceptional; working hard to integrate students’ needs into the programme, always asking for our opinions and input and making us feel like they truly care about us getting the best possible experience.

Carla Cairos da Silva CIFE Alumna Berlin


Lachin Bakgalova
Master 2014–2016
General Lawyer, State Insurance Organisation of Turkmenistan

It is impossible to express in a few sentences what I gained during the studies in the Master in EU Studies Online. I acquired a huge amount of knowledge and experience which can make use not only in professional life.

The history of the European Union and the European integration have left the most indelible impressions.
I thank CIFE´s professors, experts who tried to give a complex idea of the European integration process in its historical interaction and modern variety. Interrelationship between experts and students was systematic, efficient and available.

I thank students with whom I was given a lucky chance to get acquainted. CIFE is an arena where are students from the different countries with the different political systems, culture and traditions speaking various languages of the world. In such variety of views Master programme tried to unite us in a single whole on the basis of mutual adaptation to each other.

I thank the CIFE  team responsible for the organization of the Master in EU Studies, who creates internal unity, solidarity among CIFE´s students taking responsibility for progress and failures in joint activity. It is, in a sense, the process of integration too.

Lachin Bakgalova CIFE Alumna


Sven Schönborn
Master 2013–2015
Since 2015, European Central Bank


Filloreta Gashi
Master 2013–2015
Political Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Republic of Kosovo

The Master in EU Studies Online is the best place to prepare for a starting career on the European Union level.
It gave me the necessary insights on the European Union process. Today, as a Political Advisor to the Interior Minister, I always use the knowledge gained for working in the complex political environment. I am very thankful to the CIFE Team especially to Helgard Fröhlich. I would recommend this programme to everybody who is willing to develop their knowledge on political, economical and social developments all over the world and the role of the European Union on the global level.

Alumni Master in EU Studies Online Filoretta Gashi


Albina Yakubova
Master 2012–2014
Programme Management Officer, Transnational Threats Department, Borders, Security and Management Unit, OSCE Secretariat 

Having worked for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for over ten years, I wanted to reinforce my Master’s in Criminal Law with a second one on European Law. I was motivated, in particular, by the desire to learn about the European legal framework related to free movement of goods and how this impacted drug control and crime prevention.  The programme enriched me with much more than I sought. I can now claim thorough understanding and deep knowledge on the EU, with its structures, its legal system, and how it functions. This newly acquired knowledge also helps in my work now in the OSCE.  I am very happy with my decision to join the online Master’s  programme on EU Studies and would recommend it to anyone.

Alumni Master in EU Studies Online Albina Yakubova OSCE


Sibel Yikilmaz
Master 2012–2014
EU Project Coordinator, Turkiye Teknik Elemanlar Vakfi

I want to thank CIFE for giving me such an opportunity. With the Master in EU Studies Online Program, I have found an opportunity both increasing my knowledge in International Relations and Political Science and also meet friends from different cultures. We have become like a family within two years. Although we have different languages, different cultures and different religions or beliefs, we have acted like children living in the same family when we have come together. We understand each other better. Our assumptions and stereotypes have changed. Also our views for others and other cultures have changed positively.

CIFE has a good team. They are very friendly and helpful towards students. Especially our program director’s positive approach has affected me. For all matters that I have needed during the program, they did not withhold assistance. Their behaviors have been very friendly and warmly. In this sense I am very thankful to the CIFE Team.  

I have spent an enjoyable two years. This program is a good opportunity for working people. This program is interactive, online and face to face. I am proud to become one of the alumni of CIFE.

Alumni Master in EU Studies Online Sibel Yikilmaz Turkey EU

Michaela Roth
Master 2011–2013
Spokesperson, Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband (DSGV)

What an amazing opportunity.
Where else would working professionals have the chance to study constitutional law, political science and economics under Europe's most prestigious professors, and simultaneously build up a network of EU-oriented specialists?
For me this course has been a real asset.

Alumni Master in EU Studies Online Michaela Roth Brussels Bank

Nermin Dizdarevic
Master 2009–2011
Cross-border cooperation, EU Public Affairs at Parkstad-Limburg city-region, The Netherlands

Both in my role as policy officer at the Dutch Embassies in Vienna and Bern, and as project manager on regional cross- border cooperation in the Dutch, German and Belgian area: the European Online Academy gave me the necessary insights on the European Union process. With ever growing EU activities “European Studies” increasingly becomes a valuable discipline to explore for many professionals. As such, EOA offers a pleasant set of weekend workshops, distance learning, and a great European atmosphere!

Nermin Didzarevic Netherlands CIFE Alumnus

Gökçen Sahin
Master 2008–2010
General Manager / Managing Director of Halic Leasing, Turkey

Meeting with different cultures in different European cities and universities, and at the same time studying online are the attractive points of the programme. The academicians are all experts and you can easily interact, discuss and share your opinions with them on the online platform. I would recommend this programme to everybody who wants to understand and develop their own opinions regarding the current political, economical, and social developments all over the world, and the place of the European Union in the global village.

Gökcen Sahin CIFE Alumna Turkey Istanbul


Etleva Hysenllari
Master EOA 2008/10
Delegation of the European Union to Albania

The EOA has exceeded my expectations in many ways. The academic standards set for this Master Programme are very high. The staff participating in this programme are composed of the most prominent academics in the field of European Integration. For this reason, I feel privileged at having had the possibility to receive the best education on European Integration issues and for being part of the CIFE – EOA Programme. Participation in the EOA has opened up a new window of opportunity for me: I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of nice people with different professional backgrounds and nationalities. What I found very interesting and which I remember with pleasure were our post workshop discussions, i. e. “briefings” on the European Integration reforms and the latest political and economic developments going on back in their home countries. We have also established a friendship bond with each other. I would recommend this programme to everyone wishing to know more about the EU, candidate countries and its people. All in all we are not so different.

Etleva Hysenllari CIFE Alumna Albania Tirana


Dr. Jan Geiss
EOA 2004-2005
Secretary General of the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources (EUFORES)

The European Online Academy is a great preparation for a starting career on the European Union level for active professionals. Today, as Secretary General of EUFORES – a European Parliamentary network on renewable energy – I always use the knowledge gained through EOA for working in the complex political environment in and around Brussels.

Jan Geiss EUROFORUM Brussels CIFE Alumnus