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Tuition Fees and Scholarships


    4,900 Euro per Academic Year

    Early Bird Discount

   Scholarships Available

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are 4,900 euro per year. This amount covers the course materials, the educational and technical support, the use of special internet workspace as well as board and lodging during the workshops in Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Budapest, Rome, Nice and Vienna.

Travel costs must be paid by the participants.

You may cancel your enrolment at any time prior to the commencement of the courses. However, a cancellation fee will be withdrawn from your refund.
10% of the total fee if you cancel before 10 October for each academic year.
50% of the total fee if you cancel before 15 December for each academic year.
No refund if you cancel after 15 December for each academic year.

If you have to cancel your participation in one of the workshops, a fee might be charged in accordance with the terms and conditions of the hotel booking and of the workshop location.

Early Bird Discount

CIFE offers a reduction of 10 % for applicants who register before 30 June 2023. This discount is only applicable without a CIFE scholarship. The tuition fees of both years will be reduced from 4,900 € per year to 4,410 € per year. Applicants who would like to have the advantage of the early bird reduction must transfer the fees for the first academic year (4,410 €) by 30 July 2023.


CIFE offers a limited number of scholarships reducing the tuition fees. In order to apply for a scholarship to reduce the financial burden of the course fees, you have to follow the instructions in the online application form. The amount granted will depend on the individual participants's financial situation.

Participants may also apply for national scholarships at national foundations, ministries, regional and local authorities, international and national organisations or similar bodies in order to find other forms of financial help.