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Academic Guidelines

Comprehensive and detailed information on the two-year studies can be read in the Study regulations and the ECTS information package of the programme.

The study regulations are issued, amended and supervised by the Board of Examination and Studies of the Executive Master in EU Studies. The members of the Board of Examination and Studies meet on a regular basis for the good conduct of the studies and garantee for the high quality of the study programme.


Study Regulations

The Study regulations are assessed and amended on a regular basis, taking into account the experience of students and experts. They describe in detail the study programme, the study requirements including assessment methods, examinations and grading system for the whole duration of the programme.

Each class has its own Study regulations, which can be downloaded and read below.




The credits awarded for the successful completion of the Executive Master are 60 ECTS.

Ater a successful completion of the first year with 30 ECTS credits, students can continue with their second study year during which they will gather the necessary further 30 ECTS to complete the programme. This corresponds to a workload of 750 hours in total per academic year, calculated on the basis that one ECTS credit is equivalent to 25 working hours on average.

The distribution of the ECTS credits over the two years is described in the ECTS information package and can be read and downloaded below.