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CIFE Team and Board of Examinations and Studies

The CIFE Team

Camille Raffin CIFE Executive Master Berlin Nice

Camille Raffin

Senior Programme Manager

Camille Raffin holds a Master in English and German languages and a Diploma in Business administration and has studied in Paris, France and Birmingham, UK.
She has worked for international companies and works with the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) since 2015, first as a Project Manager, then a Senior Programme Manager of the Executive Master in EU Studies.

Auriane Jousse CIFE Executive Master

Auriane Jousse

Programme Assistant

Auriane Jousse grew up in France and is living in Berlin since 2020. After studying European intercultural studies, specialising in Franco-German relations, she worked in France and Germany organising educational and cultural projects for pupils, students, teachers and researchers. After working at the Franco-German Youth Office and the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, she joined CIFE in 2022 to coordinate European study and research projects.

Aline Palige CIFE Berlin

Aline Palige

Senior Programme Manager

Aline Palige is a European citizen with an EU Law background. Working for CIFE since more than 10 years, in charge of the Executive Master in EU Studies programme and of International Youth Exchange programmes in the Balkan region in cooperation with the Franco-German Youth Office and of the publication of the CIFE Policy Papers.

Iung Thierri CIFE Executive Master EU Studies 2024

Thierri Iung

Programme Assistant



The Board of Examination and Studies

Andras Inotai VKI Budapest Economics

Wolfgang Wessels CIFE Berlin Cologne Institution Council

Matthias Waechter CIFE Director General Executive Master

Prof. András Inotai

Institute of World Economics

Prof. Mattias Wendel

University of Leipzig

Prof. Wolfgang Wessels

CETEUS - Jean Monnet Chair, University of Cologne

Dr Matthias Waechter

Centre international de formation européenne