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Since its creation in 1954, the Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) has trained thousands of students and professionals in a variety of academic programmes. 

These alumni are now the key occupants of fundamental sectors of our societies – at home, across Europe and internationally in over 86 countries.

Having played a significant role in their know-how and development, CIFE is particularly proud of its alumni and consider nurturing this link with them to be utmost priority.

Over the years CIFE has introduced a wide range of initiatives that involve former students in the daily life of the institution. You can find more information on the upcoming CIFE Alumni activities here. Immediate examples point to the construction of a sustainable bond between current students, teaching staff and graduates in the form of invitations to visit as lecturers, meet and greet with current participants and a series of alumni get-togethers in cities where summer academies take place.



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