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Workshop in Barcelona

Coming back together face-to-face at last! We met our Executive Master in EU Studies participants last weekend for the Barcelona workshop.

Middle in the specialisation phase, in which they can either choose the research track and work on their master thesis or choose the professional track and write a final paper, the participants came to Bacelona to practice their presentation skills during a session with Thomas Traguth, to present their work to their peers and their supervisors and to receive advice so that they can defend their research in Nice and complete their studies.

After a very interesting visit at the Parliament of Catalonia and a discussion with an MP, we had a challenging discussion on the war in Europe with Prof Robert Kissack, Prof Wolfgang Wessels, Prof Andras Inotai, Prof Matthias Wendel, Ralf Kanitz and Thomas Traguth and inspiring and professional presentations.

And of course, networking and socialising, we have missed this aspect in the last months.

We are very much looking forward to meeting again in Nice in June!