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Start of the new Executive Master in EU Studies group!

Start of a new academic 2-year journey in Berlin!


?? This weekend, the first workshop took place in Berlin for the 2021/23 Executive Master in EU Studies participants, the start of a new 2-year journey for them.

?? With 12 nationalities (from across Europe, the US and even Namibia) represented among the 16 participants, it certainly made for an international dynamic!

?? Courses were held on-site in CIFE Berlin's new seminar room with a few students and experts also joining online.

?? Fruitful discussions took place with an introduction to the EU law course, institutional architecture and history of European integration, as well as an exchange about the results of the recent European Council summit, among other subjects….

?? Thank you to all our experts – and in particular to Wolfgang Wessels, Ingolf Pernice, Edgar Lenski, Tobias Kunstein and Matthias Waechter.

?? But what makes the return to in-person weekend workshops special is the opportunity to visit the city - thanks to our colleague Ruth for a wonderful guided tour - and exchange informally over dinner in locations such as Café Einstein. Anybody know which movie was filmed here?


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