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Start of the 2nd term

From North (London) to South (Windhoek, Namibia), from West (Alexandria, US) to East (Tbilisi), with a large group based in Europe, our first-year participants and experts of the Executive Master in EU Studies met online last weekend.

The second term begun with courses on EU Law – Internal Market, The EU in World Politics, Political Economy of Energy Transitions and The EU Dimension of EU Integration. An additional lecture on How the EU Communicates was also offered by Gianluca Sgueo.

What does Energy poverty mean? Can energy transition be a solution to energy poverty? How can the current energy price crisis be explained? Can the Green Deal be a solution to the price crisis? François Bafoil and Rachel Guyet introduced the course ‘Political Economy of Energy Transitions’ and discussed these very pressing and timely issues with the participants.

Jacques Le Cacheux also tackled the very topical question of the post-Covid eurozone economic agenda: public finances and monetary policy. What does our future from an economical view look like?

Edgar Lenski discussed the four freedoms in the EU, notably the freedom of goods, where students dealt with a practical case study. Meanwhile, Robert Kissack considered the issue of international relations and what the role of the EU could and should be.

Thank you for the lively participation and discussions. Next time we’ll meet in Budapest in April!