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Closing Seminar in Nice

Congratulations to our participants of the Executive Master in EU Studies 2020-2022!

We are very happy that we could organise the final workshop of the programme in Nice. Our participants presented their Master theses and final papers to their professors and peers. The supervisors and experts of the disciplines, Political Science, Economics and EU Law discussed the highly interesting thesis topics.

Experts and participants also discussed during an interdisciplinary session "Elections in Europe – Between Relief and Concern" with active contributions of András Inotai, Ralf Kanitz, Thomas Traguth, Matthias Waechter, Mattias Wendel and Wolfgang Wessels.

We congratulate our participants who showed a great resilience these two last years. Two years of hard work, of deadlines, of zoom sessions and face-to-face meetings in Vienna, Barcelona and Nice. Thank you for all your energy, your great input and great work!

This workshop was the final step of the two-year study programme of the Executive Master in EU Studies. We wish our participants, who will now be CIFE Alumni, all their best for their future!