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Brussels Workshop

Brussels workshop for the Executive Master in EU Studies participants this weekend: Part of the programme were a visit to the European Parliament, a discussion on current topics, a simulation of an EU Council Summit with our long-term partner Planpolitik, and the presentation of the advanced courses for the upcoming second year of the Executive Master. Very intensive and dynamic weekend workshop!

We had the pleasure to meet Margarete Richter, Head of Office of Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, Doris Dialer, Hajo Friedrich, and to discuss with Brendan Garrec, Recovery and Resilience Facility Task Force.

Some experts of the second year joined us and presented their courses: Thomas Traguth 'Explaining the Institutional Evolution of the EU: Drivers and Barriers', Ralf Kanitz 'Constitutional Framework of the EU, European Citizenship, and EU Fundamental Rights', and Tamás Szigetvári 'The European Union facing Global Economic Challenges'. Emre Gür introduced to the course on 'Project Cycle Management and Logical Framework' and Gyöngyver Gyene to 'Startegic Planning. Implementation and Evaluation of Development Programs in the EU'.

Our participants had also the chance to take part in a simulation of a European Council Summit, to negotiate and prepare a declaration thanks to the guidance of Tabea Böker and Lina Plank from Planpolitik.

Thank you to all participants and experts!

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