Birgit Bujard | Expert in EU Institutions | Executive Master in EU Studies
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Dr Birgit Bujard


Birgit Bujard co-teaches the course The Institutional Architecture of the EU with Wolfgang Wessels.

Birgit Bujard studied political science, history and English at the University of Cologne, Germany, and the University of North London, United Kingdom. She completed her PhD thesis on prime ministerial political leadership in British European policy in 2017.

Her research interests include EU-British relations and the United Kingdom’s European Policy. Birgit works as Programme Director for Strategic Portfolio Development at the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. In addition, she is Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Turkey and European Union Studies (CETEUS), University of Cologne, as well as Member of TEAM EUROPE DIRECT Germany, the Speakers Pool of the European Commission.