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Oliver Höing

Oliver Höing CIFE University of Cologne Köln


Oliver Höing is a research associate at the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Cologne, and currently working as a lecturer. He wrote his PhD on the role of national parliaments in the European Stability Mechanism. His research interests include question of EU parliamentary democracy, the Economic and Monetary Union as well as the institutional architecture of the European Union.
Oliver Höing has studied political science, history and philosophy in Cologne and Copenhagen. During his doctoral training, he was a visiting scholar at Sciences Po (Paris) (2013/2014). He has been working in different projects, among others in OPAL (a joint research collaboration with the universities of Cambridge, Maastricht and the Sciences Po (Paris) which analysed the role of national parliaments after the Lisbon Treaty) and PEGASUS (developing a joint Ph.D. programme with different European universities).