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Transparency, Integrity and Ethics within the EU

Favouritism, fake news, foreign influence... In the past months and years, the European political institutions have been shaken in their very foundations not only by multiple crises but also by “lobbying” scandals.

Interest representation (or “lobbying”) is a constitutional right (Art 11 TEU) and a vital part of the EU decision-making process. Yet, especially in these challenging times, Doris Dialer argues that transparency is key for a healthy democratic system.  However, transparency and ethic rules are "deadwood" if implementation is pending and sanctions are missing. In order to regain public trust, rules have to be enforced  because what is at stake is nothing less than the European project itself.

Doris Dialer is Brussels based and works as an Attachée for Health and Consumer Affairs at the Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU. Due to her long career within the EU institutional setting, her research focuses on EU Parliament, Lobbying & Advocacy and EU Policy Studies. At CIFE, Doris Dialer teaches as expert within the Executive Master in EU Studies.

This CIFExpress interview was recorded in July 2022. It is not covering the Qatargate bribery scandal.

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