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A limited number of scholarships are available to reduce the financial burden of the course fee. The amount granted will depend on the individual participant's financial situation. 

Scholarships to partially cover the costs of tuition are offered by different organisations, depending on the nationality of the applicant and other eligibility requirements.

In some countries candidates may obtain scholarships from their (ex)universities or from organisations such as, for example:

  • Soros Foundation (for students from Central and Eastern Europe)
  • D.A.A.D. (for German students)
  • D.E.S (for British students)
  • (for Austrian students)
  • Rotary International Foundation

If you want to apply for a scholarship from one of these organisations, we recommend that you check the deadlines and application procedures carefully, and contact them directly.

CIFE also recommends its participants to contact national Foundations, national Ministries, regional and local authorities, international and national organisations and similar bodies in order to find other forms of financial help. 

Applicants who apply for a scholarship are asked to declare their eligibility for a scholarship in the application form and prove their eligibility by sending a copy of their tax assessment notice or any other comparable document by email ( or by fax (+49-30-86 00 840 20) before the application deadline (5th of September). CIFE is only able to examine the eligibility of the applicant's request on the basis of this declaration and the supporting documents submitted.

Participants to whom we grant a scholarship will be accomodated in a twin bed room during the workshops (unless you pay the price difference for a single bedroom).